Simple things that give your home a new life

Sometimes, our lives can feel so boring. Day in and day out, we go through the same routines. Sure, having a job and children can be both entertaining and time consuming; but being busy doesn’t always mean you’re not bored.

Making minor changes in your life can definitely make things more interesting; it can even give new life to your relationships. While you can do changes on yourself (like a change of hair color, or a different haircut to even a completely different style of wardrobe), you mustn’t forget that there are other things in your life that deserves a little change too—like your home.

Oh we don’t mean packing up and moving (though if it’s an option, why not?!); rather, we are talking about the minor changes and tricks that you can do, to give your home an improved uplift. Here are a few of our suggestions in this matter.

A pop of color

Colors have a wonderful way of brightening and cheering things up—especially in homes. If your home is in need of a new coat of paint, then now might be the time to consider different color options for your walls, and decorations. If you’re used to painting your walls in one particular color, then even the slightest change can make a difference in your home. If you’re not willing to color your walls (or if you can’t, according to apartment rules), then consider adding your “pop of color” through your furniture and decorations. A bright colored kitchen cabinet or colorful throw pillows for the couch are both good example for this.

Give something old, a touch of new

There’s something really satisfying about giving old things new life. it’s also very friendly for your pocket, as you might not be spending as much as for a new thing. Reupholstering your dining table chairs or your couch (or sofa) might be a little expensive, but not as much as buying new furniture. This is an especially good move if you have sentimental value for your furniture, and don’t want to throw it out. Likewise, even your old unused fireplace can be given a new face. All you need to do is dust it out, paint it up, and install new or improved gratings. If you had it “dusting up” because of safety precautions, then consider placing candles (of different sizes and even LED) instead of a real fire, to create instant, charming deco.

Bring in the light

With you going through the routines, you probably wouldn’t notice if your home needs better lighting. Ask a friend over, and ask them for their honest opinion. Consider getting better (modern) light fixtures and even installing a few mirrors artistically throughout the house. The mirrors serve a dual purpose; not only do they look good as decoration, they all so draw in the natural light, and distribute them in a way that your rooms appear larger and brighter. Who wouldn’t want that?