Innovative ideas to make your office reception unique

To make a business a success the physical looks of the office plays a major role. The reception is where your clients and customers come first and the first impression they get about your company comes from the looks of the reception area. You can create the mission and vision of your company through the looks of the reception area. Here are few innovative ideas to make your reception look better.

Create a rich and elegant look

Most of the time people pay a very little attention to the reception area. Most of the time they think it’s where the receptionist is in so no need to create too much of a big deal of it. But the truth is that the reception needs more attention than any other place in the office. Whatever the business you are in creating a very rich and elegant look in the reception area goes along way. You can use pressed metal panels in the reception table to create a very uplifted look. And use leather seating to match the look. There are many different types of metal and colors you can chose from to match the overall theme of the room. The prices of these vary based on the designs you chose from. To match the metallic look you can use a metallic paint on the walls and use appropriate light fittings to match the look.

Have a theme to suit the business

Regardless of what you like, you need to choose a suitable theme based on the business you do. For example if you are a law firm you cannot chose themes like floral or hot pink or electric , you need to chose an appropriate theme to speak out the profession. You could use leather, wood and pressed metal panels to create a very deep look. For example if you use leather, you can have a leather and wood reception table and use leather sofas in the seating area. The colours can be black, brown or even white based on the space you have. But if you are a dental then white or beige suits the most. If you run a small restaurant you can chose from many colour themes you like.

Point out the specialties

This is when you try to bring out the special aspects of the organisation. You can use the colours of the logo or the symbols of the business to decorate the reception area. For example if you are a organic spa, the reception could use more white and greens and you can use artificial grass as a carpet in the seating area this will give your customers a better impression of what you do and they get to have the feeling of being in nature. Have a nice waterfall or a painting of a mountain in the lobby and reception area.