Implementing cleaning out sessions at your office

Usually all employees are given their own table and chairs and other furniture or a whole cubicle for their use. The unwritten rule is that you keep your area clean and there is no need for extra efforts for the cleaning lady and have issues with misplacement of documents. But this will end up with your office cubicles and kitchen looking great while the carpet and other facilities end up run down; especially the storage room.; having a clean out session once a year and making an annual event out of it can be helpful when dealing with office clutter.


Tip #1

Documents are to be shredded after usage; if there are important documents lying around without a tear or two then person responsible must be held accountable. Maybe give him or her the job of taking out all the trash to the 6m skip hire Geelong parked outside.


Tip #2

Take this chance to refurbish some items in your office. If there are old equipment then maintenance for these can be carried out during this time and maybe replace the carpet and do a paint coat or two to brighten up the place and make a change. Studies have proved that an improvement in the office environment leads to higher rates of productivity and mental fitness of employees. So add paintings or two to the corridor while you are at it.


Tip #3

Try not to throw out any old equipment unless necessary. Use the 6m skip hire Geelong if you are in that locality or get services from the local business to take out electronics and other items. But you can always donate or try a buy-back store to get some petty cash for that equipment too. Keep in mind to erase all data from sensitive devices.


Tip #4

Filing cabinets, if are to be reorganized, must be given responsibility to a single person; others must be notified of usage and how to put things back into the cabinet. One of the more notorious for being messy and mixed up, filing cabinets is also one of the important document holders in an office.


Tip #5

Clean out the PCs while maintenance on your appliances and equipment are being too. This will be a good chance to update any software that needs them and also to install new software required by employees for their workload. A thorough clean-up will result in any viruses circulating around the office to be taken out in one go too.

Make use of a Friday or so to do a ‘clean the office day’ and give your employees a chance to get a chance to help redecorate and rearrange their office ware.