How to Create Shade Outside Your Home

When the temperature begins to rise, you have to worry about more than just the heat. You also have to contend with bright streams of light pouring into your home. Particularly when the sun is at its brightest, this can prove to be quite bothersome. Of course, you cannot live in pitch darkness with the curtains drawn – you need other options. Here are some of the best ways that you can combat harsh sunlight outside of your house.

Get an Awning

This is the simplest and most effective way to deal with excessive sunlight. With these handy features, you will be able to make sure that your home is well protected. What is particularly great about awnings is that there are numerous different types and options. You can get them in different colours and designs. They also can be affixed to various parts of the house. Remember, you do not just have to place them on the porch or outside doorways. Smaller ones can be used to make sure that the windows are covered as well. Even if you do not have a great deal of space, find ones that do not extend too far out. In addition to protecting the house from the sun, these will quite handy during the rainy season as well.

Plant Trees

With this option, you can help the environment as you deal with your sun issue. As you probably do not want to wait too long to experience the fruits of your labour, opt for large plants that grow quite quickly. This way you will be able to enjoy your shade sooner rather than later. The other option would be to get some hanging pots with plants that grow with the force of gravity. Hanging these above windows and doors will afford you a certain degree of relief. Not to mention, there are certainly beautiful solutions. Planning ahead of time will mean that your leafy tools are ready when you need them.

Use Sails

One of the latest and most innovative solutions to the sunlight predicament are sails. Of course, these are not actually boat sails simply mimicking the design instead. You can actually make these at home, by yourself with fabric that you may have laying around. You simply have to make sure that the material is quite opaque. You can then cut out a large triangular shape. It is best to have two separate sails so that you can cover a greater amount of the house. You can either have them overlapping one another or placed next to each other.

Build a Cover

Although this is a more permanent option than the above ones, it is also most likely to be quite expensive. Not to mention that it will require quite some time, skill, and tools to construct. However, if the sun is quite strong in certain areas or you want to create a lasting outdoor seating area, it is an option. When doing so, make sure that it is built properly and in the right direction to ensure maximum protection.

With these solutions on hand, you will no longer have to squint from the sun in your own home again.