Home safety and the security measures

In order to achieve a safe and secure living environment, it is important to build your home with appropriate design. The best design features come handy during the construction period and also when there is some sort of maintenance or modification required over time. If safety is not considered while designing homes, several accidents can take place at home. The construction techniques, the design of the house, finishing and appliances used are some of the aspects that play a crucial role towards home safety. Bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas, and stairs are some of the main points that need a thorough scrutiny before designing and constructing a house. Some of the useful measures have been discussed below.

Bathroom safety

While designing the stairs, ensure that you don’t compromise on the fittings and materials. You can consider stainless steel balustrading Melbourne for your balcony, living area or pool area. The floor surfaces should be non-slipping and impact absorbing, especially on ramps or stairs. This point also holds good for wet areas like your bathroom. Avoid steps in your bathroom and make use of flooring that is anti-slipping. Consider attaching handles and grab bars in shower area and toilets, especially for seniors or disabled persons. If there are privacy locks for your bathroom doors, you should have a provision to unlock it from outside in emergency cases. There should be a night light in the passage as it offers safe accessibility for family members if they want to use the bathroom at night.

Kitchen safety

Most of the accidents take place in the bathroom and kitchen. Choose heatproof bench tops on all sides of the grill or microwave for quick set down of hotter trays or dishes. The microwave should be placed above the eye level of the young people to ensure that it prevents from gazing at it. Also, it should be checked for leakage from time to time. If there is a small balcony in the kitchen area, you can get stainless steel balustrades installed for safety purposes. The corners and edges should be rounded off and the kitchen slabs should be fire-resistant.

Wiring tips

The power outlets should be planned carefully and right electric layout plan needs to be chosen. By doing so, it offers great convenience and also saves your life. Get earth leakage materials installed in addition to circuit breakers for every power outlet. There should be sufficient power points to reduce the requirement of power boards. It eliminates the use of cords near walkways which may otherwise lead to electrocution or tripping problems.